Workshops and Congresses, Part 1

PHP World Kongress

My boss forced me asked me kindly to attend PHP World Kongress and the very next day the ColdFusion 9 Upgrade Workshop. There’s a natural rivalry between two worlds, but I don’t want to talk about this here.

Although PHP is not my playground, it was kind of interesting for me: Tobias Schlitt introduced me to Unit-Tests and Stephan Schmidt gave me some of the greatest inspirations I had in the past years (besides that, he had the best concepted and designed presentation – although I hate hate hate Powerpoint)… maybe because of this topics: Software Design (together with Holger Rüprich) and 23 Things you should know about teamwork.

As good as Stephan was Christian Wenz. His presentation about Secure Webapplications in the 2.0 age caught my attention.
He and his collegue Tobias Hauser also showed a usability-test on a random site from one of the attendants: very valuable knowledge (e.g the country-selection looks/feels like a search-field, look/feel of the login on the left underneath the pic, no jumping between categories, …), thank you.

So: if you have the chance to listen to Christan Wenz or Stephan Schmidt on the topics security, usability, software-design and teamwork, I would strongly recommend to.