Instantiation attempted of a non-constructor

October 28th, 2010 by admin » (0) » AS3

Something that might help you save some precious time of your life.
If you get this error with (perhaps) a class you’ve coded, try this:

Don’t give the variable the same name as the class you want to instantiate…

var MyClass = MyClass();

is bad.

var varName = MyClass();

will probably work.

Firefox messes up @ in dynamic TextField

December 7th, 2009 by max » (0) » ActionScript

This cost me precious time of my life, no one ever will give me back. Very short: some early versions of FF3.5 (and users don’t always update) do have following bug: dynamic textfields (with font embedded) don’t accept @ as an value, but display (and sends to DB) »q« (on Win) instead (I read, that it has problems with some more special characters).

Solution: turn off

wmode = "transparent"

for the SWF or force update to FF3.5.3