Chrome’s f***ing fast

May 7th, 2010 by max » (1) » this&that

Firefox is still my weapon of choice when it comes to developing. Addons like Firebug or Tamper Data are crucial for my daily work.
And as I see no reason why I should make the effort to sync my bookmarks between several browsers, I use it almost everytime.
I’m also paranoid about Google as a datacollector, so I try using as little G-Products as possible. As there is no Iron for Mac yet, I only have Iron on my VM for testing. To put it in a nutshell:

Chrome will not become my browser in the near future, but this promotion video blows my mind: it shows how fast chrome renders a page – actually faster than a potato-gun shoots!


As a geek, I like the equipment used: MacBook Pro with Windows, a 24″ Asus Monitor with a replaced backlight, a 15Mbps internet connection. Filmed with several Phantom v640 High Speed Cams in »just« Full HD with 2700fps!!

As a designer, I really like the aesthetic of the cuts and the idea behind the color and the deep frier!