Workshops and Congresses, Part 2

November 26th, 2009 by max » (0) » Conferences and Events

ColdFusion 9 Upgrade Workshop

My boss forced me asked me kindly to attend PHP World Kongress and the very next day the ColdFusion 9 Upgrade Workshop. There’s a natural rivalry between two worlds, but I don’t want to talk about this here.

Although It was talked about this at SotR09, I decided to attend this workshop, mainly hold by Sven Ramuschkat. Along was Claude Englebert.

The workshop got deeper into the new features, especially ORM.

Furthermore: Verity vs. Solr, licencing, marketing-features like <cfpresentation>, ColdFusion Builder, ORM and SQLite.

On the raffle I won two times, sadly not the eBoy-CF-Guy T-Shirt (envy), but at least a »Mr. McBagpipes serves cold scotch on the rocks« T-Shirt ;-)

Max Schalch

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