About fAS»forward (and Max)!

Daily Mugshot

My name is Max and I’m a Flasher since 2006. After I finished my studies in design at the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences, Munich I learned the art of tweening and flash-advertising from Rudy Halek and became part of the notorious »Creative Crüe«.

After more than one year of pixelating, tweening, kB-tweaking and visual orgasms, I met the guys from nakedToast. They encouraged me to concentrate on my second passion: programming (actually programming is sharing the second place with djing and good food combined with good wine and bavarian beer – puh there are a lot of second-place-passions).

From 2008 on, my focus started to change from symbols, motion tweens and nested loops to classes, instances and methods. Since I’m not a fulltime developer for Flash (but also for PHP, CFML, HTML/CSS and other tasks like project management, designer and creative head – Flash amounts just about 20% of my work), I sometimes have problems like every beginner has (Pst! Please don’t tell my collegues).

This blog should help beginners and autodidacts like me to avoid pitfalls and learn good(!) programming, faster. It probably lowers the learning curve for some of you and might help me to stick to the topic, without losing the plot, which happens everytime, when I’m in ColdFusion- or projectmanagement-land for a longer time.
And of course I hope the diaolog with the readers and the community will make some precious contacts that last perhaps forever.

As mentioned above, I will mostly post on ActionScript 3, but also AS2, the Flash-IDE and Eclipse (Flash Builder / ColdFusion Builder), Flex, AIR, Pixelbender, PaperVision, ColdFusion, CSS, books on that, and so on…

– Max, Oct 2009

This blog is totaly private, and not connected to my employer, my business or the crüe! Thoughts are my own opinions.
Please be aware: the contents, opinions and thoughts of sites, blogs and pages I link to are not mine! If you find something disgusting, please contact me and I will take care of it.