»Flash Engineering« by Sven Busse

October 30th, 2009 by max » (1) » Books

Today my nearly free book (thanks to FFK09 and Addison-Wesley) arrived! Wolkenform recommended it.

Hope I can read it this weekend (the flu has me) and give you a glance about it.

UPDATE: haven’t read it completely so far, so complete resume* later. Until now: it gives a freelancer (that never worked in the development-department of a big company) a lot of insights into software-development.

* probably this resume will be german, because the book is german, too!

Look what we found in the office

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This is what happens when you don’t clean up for a long time, don’t clean out moving boxes (actually take those boxes unopened into the next office) and then do the mother of all clean-ups!

Allaire ColdFusion Floppy

Allaire ColdFusion Floppy

Does anybody know: did ColdFusion ever get on one single floppy??

Trying the Flash Builder 4 Beta

October 23rd, 2009 by max » (0) » this&that

After having no chance so try the Flash Builder Beta in June (see screenshot), I give the new Flash Builder 4 – Beta 2 (that I got along with ColdFusion Builder Beta 2 and Flash Catalyst Beta 2 on #SotR09) a try. You can download it directly from Adobe Labs and share your impressions in the comments.

My First Click in Flash Builder leads to...

My First Click in Flash Builder leads to...

Scotch on the Road 2009 Munich

October 20th, 2009 by max » (0) » Conferences and Events


On October 19th, the famous Scotch-On-The-Rocks conference swapped over the channel to Europe: Andy Allen and his bunch of experts gave the honor to tell the german CF-community about ColdFusion9, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flex and a whole lot more.

It was an informative, enlightening, delighting and well organised event, I would recommend every one in or near Zurich (sold out), Milan, Amsterdam (sold out), Brussles and London (sold out) to register – it is even free (Update: see below for Gary’s post)! Unfortunately a nasty headache kept me away from an after-event-beer :-(

The sessions in detail:

  • Keynote by Terry Ryan, Platform Evangelist for ColdFusion (Blog / Twitter)
    Terry talked about new features and CF9 (some of them aren’t thaaaat new, some of them aren’t thaaaat helpful (but cool).
  • »ColdFusion with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Exchange« by Terry Ryan again
    Super interesting for all those corporate peope out there, that had problems with a MS infrastructure in the past.
  • »Flash Professional, Flash Catalyst, and Flash Builder: Facts, Features and (Work)Flows« by Serge Jespers, Platform Evangelist for Flash (Blog / Twitter)
    Funny and enjoyable as every time Serge presented how designers, interaction designers and developers could easily cooperate using Flash Catalyst.
  • »CSI: Who killed ColdFusion?« by Darren Pywell, CTO at Intergral Information Solutions
    Darren showed how development-fails can bring servers to an end, how to (stress-)test correctly and gave interesting insights into the admin-problems, that developers like me (luckily) never have to deal with.
  • »CF Envy – Sharing the love with AIR and Flex« by Andy Allen (Twitter)
    Amusing as ever, Scotsman Andy presented his very funny but informative slides and »live«-coded (actually »clicking-on-snippets«) some Flex. Bonus: mocking on some of Adobe’s products.
  • »ColdFusion 9: Server Administration« by Claude Englebert, EMEA ColdFusion Product Specialist (Twitter)
    Again a session more for admins than for me.
  • »Taking ColdFusion Applications Off-line with Adobe AIR« by Sven Ramuschkat, CTO of Herrlich & Ramuschkat
    Sven showed an example for an On/Offline synchornisation of an AIR app with a CF-Server. He became ecstatic, when he told us about the Platinum Support, which is so much cheaper with ColdFusion, than with other products (but don’t forget, he is a reseller ;-)
  • »Introduction to ColdFusion ORM« by Terry Ryan again
    In the last session, Terry (who was severly jetlagged) showed examples of the new ORM-feature that would have impressed me even more, if the Cossack king behind by forhead would have stopped hammering against it for a few minutes.

As soon as the presentations and slides are available, I will post the links here.

UPDATE: Gary writes about the free conference as a double edged sword in his blog.

Pitfalls with mailto-Links in Flash

October 20th, 2009 by max » (3) » AS3

In my last project I had some issues with IE8 (at customer-side), Mail (on agency-side) and my way of placing mailto-links.

In this project, the email-address and the subject come from a XML. This was my first setup:


<node contactAddress="support@acme.com" contactSubject="Kontakt über Homepage">

(Please notice: the german »Umlaut« in the subject)

AS3 (excerpt)

private function mailto(e:MouseEvent):void {
var mailaddress:String=XML.node.attribute("contactAddress");
var mailsubject:String=XML.node.attribute("contactSubject");
navigateToURL( new URLRequest( "mailto:"+mailaddress+"?subject="+mailsubject));

So, let’s see, what happened with different clients on different OS:

IE7, IE6, FF, Safari on WinXP worked without any problems (with Outlook Express). IE8 on WinXP opens a new Window with an error message (»Navigation wurde abgebrochen« / »Navigation to the webpage was canceled«), but opens Outlook (Express and Outlook 2007) with correct recipient and correct subject.
Every browser on Mac opens up Mail, but didn’t open a new eMail with recipient or subject.

To cut a long debugging-story short: please no german umlauts in mailsubject, so changing the XML-node the following mail, solved the problem:

<node contactAddress="support@acme.com" contactSubject="Kontakt per Homepage">

Nice, but still IE8 opens up a ugly window with the cancelation message. The solution here was the target-attribute of the navigateToUrl-Method: default is “_blank”, which I thought was the correct way to handle it, because I didn’t want the page to unload, if the mailto-Link was clicked. Turned out, that when you use the code in following way, the page doesn’t unload and new tabs/windows are surpressed.

private function mailto(e:MouseEvent):void {
var mailaddress:String=XML.node.attribute("contactAddress");
var mailsubject:String=XML.node.attribute("contactSubject");
navigateToURL( new URLRequest( "mailto:"+mailaddress+"?subject="+mailsubject), "_self");

Conclusion: don’t use Umlauts (and probably no other special characters) with OS X, don’t use “_blank” or default.